Sunday, January 16, 2005



Remember, Prominent Bloggers thinking of running with the IMPORTANT STORY that Rebecca MacKinnon of Harvard's Beckman Center is an EVIL CYBORG who means to destroy the Blogosphere and enjoys snacking on kittens....


I've adopted the following Code of Bloggerly Ethics from a source whse own ETHICAL INTEGRITY IS UNIMPEACHABLE:

1. Just because we link to something does not mean we endorse it.

2. We link to things online that we find interesting and worth further discussion or examination before and during the conference. We do not fact-check articles, blog posts, and other online material before linking to them.

3. We welcome comments that will help to fact-check the material we have linked to.

4. The information, ideas, and opinions found on this blog are the authors’ own. They are not official positions of Harvard, The Berkman Center, The Shorenstein Center, or the American Library Institute. They're not your positions, either. If someone, say, turns out not to be an evil cyborg after all, hah! Who knew? Not your problem, anyway.

5. Meaning that you could link to any completely uncourced, unreliable, and possibly even libellous tripe and you will be IN THE ABSOLUTE MORAL AND ETHICAL CLEAR. HURRAY FOR BLOGGERLY ETHICS!!!

Your ass, is, you see, thus pretty damn covered.

OOOH! My tire guy who gave me the story about the evil cyborg warns me that the kittens are scared!!!


It's all fun and games until someone loses a kitten.

You better watch your back. These people are connected to HARVARD!

And really, what is a cyborg but someone who has an mechnical object in their body. Is that a pacemaker in Ms. MacKinnon's chest cavity or something more dangerous?

And isn't evil spelled backward just live? And couldn't the kittens she snacks on be gummy kittens?

I mean when you think about it, she's just a lively woman with a pacemaker and a sweet tooth for gummy treats.

You throw a conference with the people you know about to invite, not the people you should have invited or you could have invited based on research.

Will the conference have cyborgs? You bet. Will they eat kittens? Sure. Should they eat kittens? I don't know, you tell me.
I just wanted to tell you, Ethically Challenged, that I have reconstituted my age-old blog, Doctor Biobrain's Greatest Hits, simply to discuss this very serious, very horrifying story. If blogbuzz is indeed true, the whole world needs to know about this latest cyborg incarnation's evil ways as soon as possible. That may be the only way we can stop Ms. MacKinnon's horrible horrible vision of the world. My semi-retirement is semi-over, and will remain semi-over until Ms. MacKinnon finally comes clean over this catastrophe (pun intended).

Not that I endorse this story at all, I just think that it's so important that I should tell everyone about it as soon as possible. As such, I'm using the full weight of my blogging presence to push this wall down. If this is what it takes for our world to become a place free from Cybork Killers, that's what I'm willing to do. For the kittens.
Dr Biobrain,

THANKS for your help!!!!

Powerful forces will rush to our aid, and the KITTENS will be SAVED!!!
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